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Coelbo Pump Protection

Coelbo Safematic and Coelbo Switchmatic Pump Protection.
Coelbo Safematic

Coelbo Safematic

Coelbo Safematic Wall
Electronic Centrifugal Pump Protection

Self learning so not setup parameters to input.
This unit stops the pump when it is detected a dry-running operation or an overload. Also monitors rapid re-cycling when the bladder has lost air pressure and frequent starts occur indicating the need for a change of bladder or pressure vessel.
Wall mounted variant where the connection is performed through the cable provided.

Power - 0,37- 2,2 kW
Voltage - ~1 x 115-230 Vac
Frequency - 50/60 Hz
Maximum current - 30(16) A
Protection degree - IP65 (IP44)
Max environment temperature - 50 ºC
Net weight (without cable) - 0,4 kg
49.00 (Ex VAT)

Coelbo Safematic Wall

Switchmatic 2

Switchmatic 2

Coelbo Switchmatic 2 pressure switch
Digital differential pressure switch

Electronic pressure switch. Patented Model.
This unit SWITCHMATIC is an electronic pressure switch with an integrated digital pressure gauge. It can manage the start and stop of single-phase electric pumps up to 3 HP (2,2 kW). Cut-in and cut-out pressure implementation can be set easily and accurately through user friendly control panel. Wiring is carried out identically to a conventional electromechanical switch.
It can operate as a differential pressure switch or as an inverted pressure switch.
SWITCHMATIC 2 includes also instantaneous current protection and it can be mounted individually or in groups of 2 pumps synchronized and operating in cascade mode with alternated sequence of operation. This patented version controls and manages the overcurrent, the dry-running protection of the pump and fast cycling protection.

Switchmatic Information

45.00 (Ex VAT)

Switchmatic 2 video