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InoxMim FL31C_0.75

990.00 (Ex VAT)
  • RJT   
  • Din 2576   
  • SMS   
  • Clamp   
  • Flange BS4504 PN16   
  • BSP   

Stainless Carbon EPDM (+0.00)
Silicon Silicon EPDM (+77.25)
Silicon Tungsten EP (+110.00)

Single phase 230v (+10.00)
Three Phase 400v (+0.00)

The InoxMim FL31C_0.75 Hygienic centrifugal pump provides flows up to 15 m3/h and presure up to 12mts .

InoxMim FL31C 0.75 pump can be used in transferring and handling applications of low viscosity products such as water, oils, glycols, wines and beer.

Level of finish: Ra 1.2 ìm (matte). Optional Ra 0.8 ìm (hygienic), Ra <0.6 ìm (mirror polish).

Material: Stainless Steel AISI 316
0.75KW kw motor
Impeller: Half-open impeller
Suction 1 1/2"
Discharge: 1 1/4"

Pump Curve

Closed impeller
Motor Shroud
Other connections: DIN 2576, CLAMP, SMS, etc.
Trolley, platform
Dual mechanical seal with thermo siphon cooling system

What is the delivery for these pump

We now have stock, please call to check, if not in stock allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

Which seal should i use

For the majority of applications the standard seal is OK, if using Peracetic acid, then select the Silicon Tungsten EP option

Currently these are on two working weeks delivery but we are looking to stock in the near future
InoxMim FL31C_0.75
InoxMim FL31CInoxMim FL31C Curve

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