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KSB Amarex N

KSB Amarex N 50mm, 65mm, 80mm and 100mm Discharge. S, D, F Impellers.
KSB Amarex N

KSB Amarex N

KSB Amarex N Data Book

. Fully floodable submersible motor pump
. Not self-priming
. Close-coupled design
. Three-phase asynchronous squirrel-cage motor
. Motors integrated in explosion-proof pump sets are
supplied in Ex d IIB type of protection.

Main applications
. Waste water management
. Drainage systems
. Sewage treatment plants
. Sludge disposal
. Drainage of rooms and areas at risk of flooding on
municipal, commercial and industrial premises

Fluids handled
. Service water
. Grey water
. Waste water with faeces
. Waste water containing long fibres and solid substances
. Fluids containing gas
. Activated sludge
. Digested sludge
. Raw sludge
Operating data
Operating properties
Characteristic Value
Flow rate Q 190 [m3/h] , Q 53 [l/s]
Head H 49 (M)

Data Book