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Lowara Doc

Lowara Doc 2 , 3 and Doc 7 submersible Pumps
Lowara DOC

Lowara DOC

Lowara DOC

Lowara DOC 3 and DOC 7 pumps are versatile,corrosion-resistant and compact.
Three basic versions are available with 0,25 to 0,55 kW power.
A DOC 7VX version with Vortex impeller is available.

• Emptying of residential sump pits,rainwater tanks or laundry drainage.
• Garden and lawn irrigation, with suction from rainwater tanks.
• Emergency draining of flooded basements and garages.
• Transfer of water from tanks and basins.

• Maximum liquid temperature:40°C.
• Dry motor cooled by the pumped liquid.
• Power cord:
- single-phase: with plug.
- three-phase: without plug.
• Insulation class 130°C (B).
• IPX8 protection.
• Maximum immersion depth: 5 m.

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