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Lowara Domo GRI

Lowara Domo GRi 11 Submersible Grinder Pumps
Lowara Domo GRi

Lowara Domo GRi

Lowara Domo GRi

The Lowara Domo GRI series electric pumps are equipped with an extremely efficient and highly reliable grinder system.
The grinder is able to macerate all the solids present in the sewage and to pass it through small discharge pipes (25 mm diameter).
DOMO GRI is available in the 1,1 kW and 1,5 kW power.

• Maximum liquid temperature: 35°C with fully submerged pump.
• Dry motor.
• Power cord: H07RN-F
- single-phase: with plug.
- three-phase: without plug.
• Insulation class 155°C (F).
• IPX8 protection.
• Maximum immersion depth: 5 m.
• Versions:
- Single-phase: 220-240V, 50Hz 2 poles.
- Three-phase: 220-240V, 50Hz 2 poles.
380-415V, 50Hz 2 poles.
• Motor power:
- 1,1 kW single-phase and three-phase.
- 1,5 kW single-phase and three-phase.

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